I’m exhausted. Haven’t been able to sleep, or take meds. Brain glitching pretty consistently now… And I’m sick. So. So. Sick. It’s absolutely impossible to find a safe place to sleep during the day, I’ve been asked to leave the library several times… I don’t know how much longer I’ll even be welcome there… They’re friendly, and I think they know I’m not trying to be disruptive, I quietly and politely leave when they ask… But, still, I have nothing left.

The one good thing about a glitchy brain, and an inability to sleep, is, sometimes they work synergistically to suggest things you may not have otherwise thought of.

Last night at about 2am, I started working on another groove… The idea started with a pretty standard boom-bap beat, then when I was playing it in, I added a bit of stagger to add the drunk-drummer feeling. There’s work to do, I’m still learning a great many things about this genre, but, on the whole, I’m quite happy with the way this short idea came together.


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