Homeless – Day 9 – Starbucks Groove

Homeless – Day 9 – Starbucks Groove

Sitting in Starbucks (they don’t usually hassle you for loitering), whipped out my midi controller and started playing. Still slowly coming to grips with the function and use of the various parts and pieces in this genre, but enjoying doing it.Read more

Homeless – Day 8 – So. Very. Sick.

I’m exhausted. Haven’t been able to sleep, or take meds. Brain glitching pretty consistently now… And I’m sick. So. So. Sick. It’s absolutely impossible to find a safe place to sleep during the day, I’ve been asked to leave the library several times… I don’t know how much longer I’ll...Read more

Homeless – Day 6 – How do we even begin?

I’m going to leave you with one more thought tonight. In my minimal time being slightly-homeless, I’ve seen and heard things you can’t imagine. The scope and scale of the issue is absolutely incomprehensible. Most of the people I’ve talked to have no hope, no dignity, and no self respect....Read more
Homeless – Day 6 – Finally got to the praise

Homeless – Day 6 – Finally got to the praise

Praise to the everlasting God, provider, and maker of paths. Before the world was created, before my mother held me in her arms, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob prepared for me, on this brutal morning, this perfect, warm, hot chocolate-y gift to encourage and soothe. The choclatey warmth...Read more

Homeless – Day 6 – Sick.

Ok… It’s 3am… Haven’t been able to take MMJ for 3 days. My poor body is sore, swollen, stiff, and exhausted. My brain is glitchy. I can’t sleep. Topping this morning off: I’m sick. It sure feels like Satan’s over-playing his hand. We will rejoice together when restitution comes… Alright,...Read more

Homeless – Day 5 – New Groove: God of Jacob

Lyrics are always a bit like a game of Tetris to me, so I don’t have anything share yet, still getting pieces to fit. I’ll keep playing with this, may throw out a sketch or lyrics as I continue to massage the pieces into place: https://soundcloud.com/user-83314410/2020-01-25-groove-drums-keysRead more