Homeless – Day 1
Homeless – Day 1

I’m now homeless. I literally believe there’s someone who’s prepared a room for me for the next year, they just don’t know it’s for me yet! Share this, with EVERYONE, help us connect! My biggest need right now is a safe place to sleep tonight. TONIGHT.

I’m working on getting a page together with more info, but I’ve run out of internet time for the day at the library, will have to finish it up tomorrow… I don’t really use Facebook (very limited phone data), but if you think you can help, feel free to email me:

I’ll post a video and written explanation with more details as soon as I can. Please share. Share with everyone… Share with your enemies!

Photosensitive epilepsy, fibromyalgia, and a heart issue have been making finding work I can do very difficult.

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