Let’s review. Here’s a brief and general list of the ways Satan has tried to break me:
-He took my health
-He took my wife
-He took my family
-He took my ability to find work
-He took my shelter
-He took my finances

After all this, he still taunts with sickness, and discouragement, and pain.

Do I SOUND defeated? Does anything you’ve read make you believe that I’m close to giving in? He’s clearly not allowed to kill me. I’m at the point where nothing else I have means anything. I have nothing else to lose, no fear of death or the future, and I can speak boldy as I’m directed without fear. All because you took everything.

You’ve made me more powerful than you could have imagined.

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  1. Lance Asbra

    Nice LeRoy. Well put! Brother, you annoy and scare the hell out of Satan because you stick close to Jesus and you won’t surrender or be defeated. Like Job, there is soon coming a day where you will receive your healing, restoration & blessings…with interest. At that point the enemy will realize his complete defeat with you. Continue to stick close to Jesus and offer Him your ‘sacrifices’ of praise! Blessings bro!

    • admin

      I appreciate your encouragement. As God binds up my wounds and continues to nudge my heart into just the right place, we will be in a position to battle in greater and more specific ways. 🙂

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