I realize that I post infrequently these days (not much traffic on this site). Still homeless, but in a hotel (temporarily), safe, with a quiet place to work, but still not sure what to work *on*… At least, not for employment. I’m still diving deep into music, it’s almost a compulsion at this point. I figured I’d list my experience, education and skills, and my limitations. Not sure what this adds up to, maybe you can do this math?

Assets (among many other skills):

College educated, degree with majors in Theatre and Music.

After college I auditioned for, was accepted into, and graduated from a conservatory in NYC.

I have my A+ certification from CompTIA (computer hardware).

I’m an Oracle certified Java programmer.

I can write.


Photo sensitive epilepsy (can’t drive or be in front of a screen for very long, severely disrupts my memory)

Fibromyalgia (tire quickly, can’t do heavy physical labor, have issues with concentration, get sore and stiff easily. Even sitting in one place for more than a few minutes is problematic)

An immune disorder (I get sick easily and frequently, and have allergies to airborne stuff and many foods)

Chronic sinusitis (nearly continual sinus infection, pressure and weather changes just destroy me)

Leaky heart valve (tire quickly)

There we have it. The basics. Nothing bad enough for assistance, but bad enough that no social worker or job counselor has been able to assist (or even suggest where I might be able to work). I’m still working to continue learning and growing, but not sure where it will lead. I’ve not given up.

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  1. DeeAnn Reply

    You are also very good at teaching because you are patient and bright.

    You seem to be very good as an advisor and I wonder if you could do this on a very limited basis.

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