‘Morning. 🙂 A whole lot to process right now. Sleep still an issue, obviously. Taking inventory. I’m going to try to sign out this morning, but if it’s not work related or a Dr Appt, or something, you have to sign out at 430am (unless I’ve misunderstood, which is very likely with anything at this point). I’ll probably be up, but still not 100% on how this works. Really, if I happen to fall asleep between now and then, it won’t break my heart to rest for another day. I need to run a couple of errands, would be nice to have a couple of things, like a pillow, or blanket, and I’ve heard rumblings that some people have encountered bedbugs (shudder)… Anything I can do to keep those things away? Haven’t seen any, but, then, I don’t really know what I’m looking for.

Please don’t misunderstand, not complaining, just trying to get to grips with the situation. When I got here they took all my clothes to wash, but that meant I didn’t even have pjs. A bit frustrating, but temporary. I should get my laundry back today, can’t wait to take a nice hot shower.

They have wifi! Crazy! 🙂 Something I didn’t expect at all. Unfortunately my bed is in the far corner, and as far as I can tell it’s just out of wifi range. Hahaha, you’ve just got to laugh sometimes. It’s not a deal breaker, obviously, I’m especially reminding myself that I didn’t even know they’d HAVE internet! They also have charging bays for phones, laptops, rechargeable batteries, etc, but only in the main room. Completely understandable when you think about how this might be abused, but I’ve been warned to watch anything I’m charging like a hawk, things tend to disappear. Finally, I’ve been told that they’ll find me a locker when they can. When this happens I should be able to keep my old, trusty laptop on hand that a friend has been super generous to hold onto for me. I didn’t realize how much I’d miss that little guy, it’s been like losing a hand.

In other news, they have a small computer lab here, but it’s for use in work related stuff. I tell you what it instantly made me think: Hey, I know about these things, perhaps I can use my vast, useless pool of tech knowledge, programming, and general tech awesomeness to help the other people here. I could certainly create a curriculum for any of dozens of classes… This also got me thinking that while I’m here, I’m also perfectly capable of teaching various topics in music or theatre, or photography. It even crossed my mind that they might be interested in something like a book club, or board game group. A lot of the people here seem to have extra time, I can’t say for sure that they’d rather do any of these things than continue to watch movies, but, really, I’ve got nothing to lose here. I figure I’ll talk to my advisor about it (I should meet them soon).

The woman I met at intake said she was making it her mission to “fatten me up”. Hahaha, we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, I hope you realize I’m not trying to complain here, just kind of trying to see things clearly so I can make the best of the zillion ways this place has already been an incredible blessing.

Father, I am so incredibly grateful for the unique, personal, and specific ways you’ve intervened in my life. Please allow me to continue to see your hand at work, and guide me in making the most use of each possibility you’ve provided. Open my eyes to possibilities that I haven’t even yet considered.


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