Homeless – Day 10 – In a more permanent shelter!

Today was a bad day, followed by the strangest experience of my life, ending by being accepted and admitted into a more permanent shelter. I have an actual assigned BED, they have showers and food. I’ve still got an issue with MMJ not being allowed, but I’m going to try a couple of strategies and see if I can get my brain working a little better.

It won’t help my sleep, or FM, but I could try going out during the day, and micro dosing. It’s a bit trial and error, but the idea is, it’s the cannabanoids in my blood that allows it to control the errant activity in my brain… I used to take it right before bed, and it would start to make my brain more… Disciplined? During the day. It takes a couple of days to get to noticible results. With microdosing, through the day I’d use very small amounts of mmj, small enough that it doesn’t impair me, and it should eventually build up in my blood enough to help the seizure activity. It’s not perfect, but I can deal with the FM and sleep issues a whole heck of a lot easier than the glitchy brain.

We’ll see how it goes. Right now, I’m so incredibly grateful to be here. Thank you for your continued, support prayer.


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