Homeless – Day 4

Sometimes, these days, it’s no small feat to remember to give thanks and praise. The pains and insults, misunderstandings and neglect, can create a perfect storm of unrighteous grumbling. I know because I am chief among the grumblers! Choosing to lift your eyes from the filth, and aligning them properly allows insight and understanding.

Some reminders to myself:
Tempted to complain about sleeping on concrete? You were safe and warm.

Do you want to disparage the meal you were given? God has provided this for your need.

Don’t lower your own worth by grumbling that your medicine was taken… You woke up in a shelter, not an ambulance. God knows your need.

When pleading for direction, wait in patience and faith.

I don’t have any answers. I don’t know why I’m here (I even have a hard time understanding HOW I got here…), where I’m headed, or how I’ll ever be productive again… I don’t see a way out… But, then, my vision’s limited, it’s not my job to lead, but to follow.

I am willing. Use me.


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