Homeless – Day 2
Homeless – Day 2

Day 2:

So blessed last night to reconnect to an old friend, and have a safe, warm place to sleep. I honestly feel tiny in this super huge room, I’m not used to all this space!

I didn’t sleep too well last night… It wasn’t the common tossing and turning, worrying, I just… Couldn’t sleep. Woke up pretty late (for me) at around 6 (!), and didn’t finish my morning study until almost 9… Normally when I have more leads to chase down, I’ll hop a bus and show up unannounced and in person (I hate talking on the phone), but this morning I took a slightly more energy efficient approach and called. 3 shelters with programs said they couldn’t help, they require you to be able to “work without restriction” for 8hrs a day, 6 days a week. I told her a bit about my issues and she said I wouldn’t qualify… I suggested that it would depend on the specific job, maybe? Nope.

The other 2 were the same story. I’ve been told again and again that my limitations make it unlikely I’ll be able to find work I can do (professional career counselors and social workers are telling me this), but my problems also aren’t quite bad enough to qualify for something like disability. They say I’m the edge case, destined to fall through the cracks.

This outcome was not unexpected. It’s what I’ve had over and over for the last six months. Still, I’m waiting on God to provide the next step. Headed to library again to try and get some work done on SaveLeRoy.com

Please continue to pray. God has been faithful to keep my eyes focused properly (… For the most part… …), and it must be stated:

In my 41 years, I’ve never missed a meal for lack of resources, I’ve also never been without a safe place to sleep. I don’t think God is going to abandon me NOW. Continue to share, I look forward to seeing the path to this next season.


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